About The Riddle Room

The Riddle Room is an interactive, mystery and adventure based escape room game where you will attempt to solve your way out of one of our challenging escape rooms within 60 minutes. One hour may sound like a lot of time until the pressure of finding clues and solving riddles, connecting the dots, and unlocking your way out gets more intense with each passing second, not knowing what will happen if you fail in your mission.

To be a winner, you will need to use brainpower, teamwork and an observant eye to navigate a series of riddles and interactive challenges. Do you have what it takes to escape Houston’s most challenging escape rooms?

If you succeed, your glory will be magnified on The Riddle Room Wall of Winners and you may be invited to exclusive challenges and special events. Fail and you could end up identified on The Riddle Room’s Hall of Shame.

Friends & Family

A new kind of family night that gets everyone out of the house and having an adventure together. You will have to count on one another to solve your way to freedom before it’s too late! Bring your date and discover how well you handle stressful situations and adventure together. Create unforgettable memories with your friends as you unlock the mysteries at The Riddle Room.

Team Building

The best 60 minutes your team will spend working together! Discover strengths that only show up under pressure. It will take each and every team member to work through the clues, puzzles, and challenges to find your escape. In just 60 minutes you must pull together to unlock your potential as a team!


Looking for something to do while you are in town? Come participate in the coolest entertainment in town. Join in with a group to uncover clues, piece your way out of a puzzling situation, and take away an unforgettable memory.

Parties & Events

Tired of the same old entertainment where you sit and stare, or stuff your face? Discover a fun new way to get your adrenaline rushing! Plan an unforgettable event that everyone will be talking about for years.

A Collection of commonly asked questions about our rooms


Price per ticket for Houston’s most exciting escape room is only $25 per ticket!

However, if you’re clever, you’ll find a promo code within this website, any of our advertisements, or within the game you play. These codes change frequently, so use them while you can!

No refunds.

***Please have everyone in your party arrive 10 minutes early. All participants must enter and begin the game together.

Once you enter the escape room game, there is no turning back! However, you will be rescued if you panic and want to end your game. All game rooms are under video surveillance. If your team does not escape the room in 60 minutes, you will be released. You are welcome to come back and try again very soon!

A minimum of 4 players are necessary.  While more players will improve your chance of success, fewer players makes it more difficult.  Our rooms will accommodate up to twelve people comfortably.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a group, our booking system allows you to team up with others in a game, just find an available opening on our Book Now schedule.

Yes, you can! We even offer discounts for a full booking so find a date and time on our schedule that is open and book it. Book all our rooms at one time for parties or corporate events for even bigger discounts!

Our games are fun for all ages and all skill sets but we recommend age12 years old and up to have the best chance at escaping.   Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Please note, many game themes involve theft, murder, and other adult situations but are nudity and profanity free.

Nope, you do not need any special skills or knowledge to escape from the room.  Be prepared to have a great time, be curious, creative, and communicate. Most scenarios require the ability to search from floor to ceiling, reach into narrow spaces and crouch below 48 inches. There is no heavy lifting required. Our escape room games foster communication and teamwork. It doesn’t matter if you are 12 years old or 80, if you can look, move and think, you can be successful and escape the room!

Normal everyday clothes will do.

No need to bring anything special.

Personal communication, cameras, and recording devises are NOT allowed in the games. Please make arrangements to last up to 70 minutes without needing your phone (you can do it!). You must rely on your intellect and team-mates to succeed.