Bars And Coffee Shops In And Around The Game Room

You’re all set for an exhilarating, one-hour adventure, as The Riddle Room offers more clues, twists, and turns than a mystery novel. Make your day extra special by planning your ingenious escape strategy in a coffee shop and celebrating (whether you make it out of the room or not) in one of Houston’s most trendy bars. Here are some of the most popular attractions in the area for coffee lovers and drink enthusiasts. Find out more about Houston attractions.

Top Coffee Joints Near The Best Game Room

  • Blacksmith: A favorite among the creative and sophisticated, Blacksmith is known for their exceptional coffee and food. Your taste buds are in for a serious treat with the Blacksmith’s sumptuous breakfast and lunch favorites, exotic coffee and tea drinks, and other delectable offerings.
  • Agora: Are you looking for gourmet coffee drinks? Agora is here to satisfy your inner connoisseur. The café has a welcoming, old-world ambience, so you can relish the thrill of going back in time as you enjoy your drink.
  • Boomtown Coffee: Ever since Boomtown Coffee was established in 2012, the roasters of this café have been making a lot of noise in the coffee scene in Houston. You can’t go wrong with their refreshing java drinks, creamy lattes, and powerful espressos.
  • Fellini Caffè: Discover Italy’s finest right in the heart of Houston. Fellini Caffè offers a delightful mix of authentic Italian drinks, from freshly brewed coffee to tasty smoothies. This café has indoor and outdoor areas to suit your mood and preferences. 

Top Watering Holes

Axelrad Beer Garden: Situated inside the historic, 100-year-old Axelrad building, this awesome destination offers a variety of beer, wine, and other drinks. The garden often hosts live bands for music-loving patrons, as well as film screenings, festivals, art shows, and other events.

  • Moving Sidewalk: When it comes to cocktails, not a lot of bars in Houston can rival the inventive touch that Moving Sidewalk puts into their drinks. Every sip is bursting with flavor, and each glass is spiked just right to put you in a relaxing state. This bar also offers an intimate environment complete with chandeliers, making it perfect for those looking for a romantic night out.
  • The New Potato: Also known as “The Neighborhood Pub in East Downtown,” The New Potato has always been a favorite among locals and tourists alike. From their pet-friendly beer garden to their incredible food trucks, visiting this pub is an amazing way to end your day.
  • Better Luck Tomorrow: If your spirits are down, Better Luck Tomorrow is here to welcome you with open arms. They offer a delicious variety of comfort food and a great selection of cocktails to make you feel all right again.
  • Have an Awesome Day in Houston

    The plan is all set. Energize your mind and body with a steaming cup of cappuccino. Afterward, put your wits and composure to the test by solving the endless puzzles of your chosen game room. Finally, cap off an action-packed day with a mug of ice-cold beer.

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