What Are The Best Restaurants In Houston?

Houston is not only known for its great tourist attraction sites (read more about some of these) but also for its amazing restaurants which are able to serve a wide array of meals. If you love your food, looking at the restaurants below will be a sure way of tasting something new. You could also get to explore meals from other different cultures and if you are a tourist in Houston, then you should be sure that you are going to find a number of exciting meals and drinks to choose from that you can always try out any time of the day.

Restaurants Everyone Should Try, Houston

  • Alice Blue

Alice Blue restaurant which was formerly known as the shade has gone through a number of renovations not only with its style but also in its menu as well. At the restaurant, you should be sure that you are going to find a variety of dishes which are European inspired like a riff on a Panzanella which comes with a cantaloupe and a labneh.

  • Better Luck Tomorrow Restaurant

Owned by the famous chef Justin Yu, the wide variety of food in his menu will for sure not disappoint you in any way. One of his unique servings is that of a patty melt which is served with crisped cheese. All his meals are not only well-curated, but they are also creative while at the same time ensuring that clients are able to enjoy every single meal they have there.

  • Bernie’s Burger Bus in Houston

Recently opened in the heights of Houston, this is now growing to be one of the best joints to get your meal. Not only does the restaurant serve the best burgers, its location is also a great place for either a full bar, a breakfast menu, savory and sweet cocktails as well as spiked up shakes. Whatever flavor you want, you should be sure that you are not going to get disappointed.

  • The Kukuri Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the newest spots in Houston that serves omakase. The main chef Shimao Ishikawa has been able to be the head chef in some of the most prominent hotels and restaurants in America that serve fish, sushi and all the famous foods that come from the Tsukiji market in Japan. An important point to note is that if you are thinking or planning on trying out the Omakase meal, it would be a good idea to first call the restaurant so that you can be able to book a reservation. Doing so will ensure that you have a prime seat to yourself or with your date.

  • The Ohn Korean Eatery

The vast empire of Mike Tran who is the owner of the eatery keeps on growing as one of the finest Korean spots in Houston. Customers have a wide selection of Korean dishes to choose from including the mouthwatering Soju meal. The eatery also serves traditional and fusion Korean dishes like rice cakes that have been stirred fried with either chiles, scallions or both.