Conroe, TX

Conroe is a city that is located in the town of Texas in the United States. The city of an estimated of 40 miles from the city of Houston. As at the year 2016 when the last census was carried out, the city held a population of 82,286 people which was a rise from the 56,207 total that was taken in the year 2010. According to a statement that was released by the Census Bureau, they said that the city of Conroe was one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.

Conroe, TX In The Past

The Conroe city was named after the famous Isaac Conroe who was a Houston lumberman and a cavalry officer. In the year 1881, Conroe was the one who founded the very first sawmill in the city. With time, the city started to gain a lot of wealth as a result of the different oil industries that were in the city and the lumber industries as well. Because of the oil profits that the city was making during that time, in the year 1930, it was able to boast a lot of millionaires in terms of per capita more than any other city in the United States.