Houston Game Room

Houston Game Room

  • Interested in taking the challenge of a Houston escape the room game?
  • We are a Houston escape room for families, friends, co-workers, and much more.
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If you are looking for a new activity to try, our Houston game room is perfect for you. Be a detective for a day and explore a different world through puzzles and challenges. Team up with your family and friends or your colleagues in business to uncover the secrets of our Houston game room and earn your way to freedom before the time in the rooms is up. With logic and teamwork, find hints and solve riddles in our rooms in a themed gaming experience. Discover more about the increasingly popular escape room experience (http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-escape-room-boom-20160417-story.html).

Prepare to Enter Our Houston, Texas Puzzle Adventure

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Do you have what it takes to escape our mystery rooms within one hour? Brace yourself for the unexpected by brushing up on your basic knowledge of games and riddles. Train your eyes to detect unusual elements in your surroundings. Being observant can make a huge difference in how you play because some important clues are hidden in the rooms in plain sight. Guessing the correct lock combination is also a favorite element in good mystery games. Think of as much variety as you can and take note of them so that you do not end up spending more time on it than necessary.

It is also helpful to get creative and think outside the box, whether you are dealing with regular card games or solving complicated puzzles. Additionally, your technology and business know-how comes in handy when you need to tinker with a gadget that might be present in a Houston game room.

Take Your Pick From Our Houston Game Room Activities

Experience a whole new level of games and be part of a world that you only enjoy virtually. Entering our Houston, Texas game room is like being inside your favorite mobile or online games. Start your thrilling adventure by choosing between our two room games, each with equally exciting stories that serve as your map to freedom.

  • Step into Uncle Ebenezer’s Cabin and find what you need to escape before the enemy henchmen reach this Houston game room. Help this quirky uncle while he is out on a mysterious expedition and is being pursued by his nemesis who wants to steal his treasure. Be warned that getting the job done may prove to be difficult because Uncle E. is known for being eccentric and secretive. Put in the extra effort to search for hidden clues to escape within 60 minutes.
  • Make your way out of Room 22 at the Back Door Motel, which is known as the last location of The Missing Double Agent. This top agent has made a pact with the enemy and jeopardized our Nation’s security. Find out what happened in the room before you entered, but be careful of the booby traps inside this Houston game room that intend to keep you from discovering the agent’s secret. You have one hour to search for clues that will lead you to the spy’s current location before our mortal enemies get their hands on our confidential files. Our national security is at risk and your team has been assigned on a mission to protect us.

Form Your Squad for Our Houston Game Room

Spend quality time with important people while unleashing your competitive spirit in our Houston game room. Choose the right crew to join you on your quest to freedom in 60 minutes. Our interactive mystery game encourages you to work as a team in searching for clues and solving puzzles. Listen to your teammates and get to know each other better as you discuss your strategy and race against the clock.

  • Create a memorable experience with your family and friends when you choose to spend time together at our Houston game room. Engage the entire group in a game night that urges you move and think. Make your regular family bonding more exciting by solving riddles, scrambled words, and number puzzles. Whether you are entering our Houston game room for the first time or returning to take up the challenge again, we promise you an equally fun experience. We are constantly working on the application of changes to the riddle rooms and clues to shake things up.
  • Our Houston game room is the perfect venue for your company’s next team building activity. Develop teamwork and build camaraderie while having fun in an immersive environment. This form of icebreaker can help your new employees ease their way in to the group and encourage new leaders to develop their skills. Make the most of your time in our Houston game room by utilizing our control area, where managers and the HR department can observe the team’s participation. This is a great opportunity to see the employees in a different light. What’s more fun to say, we went out to eat, or we raided a riddle room?
  • Add our Houston game room to your list of must-see attractions, whether you are new to the city or just a passing tourist. We are known for our great food scene, but our riddle rooms can spice up your tour of the city. Develop an innovative plan to uncover elusive secrets that can determine your fate inside the mystery room.
  • Take your passion for online games to our Houston game room and experience the adrenaline rush of real-life gaming. Start to geek out with your squad in our rooms and land a spot on our Wall of Fame.
  • Celebrate your birthday party and other special events with a twist. Book our Houston game room and conquer challenges to have a party to remember. As many as 12 participants can take part in our exhilarating escape game rooms.

Enjoy the Activities and Benefits of Playing in Our Houston Game Room

Our Houston game room is a place that is about more than just about finding clues and solving puzzles. It also offers surprising benefits to your physical and mental well-being.

  • Solving the mysteries inside our Houston game room is a complete experience for the senses. Bask in the sight, sound, and feel of a different world when you immerse yourself in each unique story. You can say you let your survival instincts take over as you raided an unfamiliar place and found the clues to escape.
  • Playing in our Houston game room encourages the application of physical movement, which can contribute to your recommended daily exercise in a fun way. It can push you to get out of your comfort zone and survive in a real fast-paced environment.
  • Increase your memory capacity and ability by challenging yourself to play at our Houston game room. Its puzzles and challenges boost memory recall and retention through language and numbers. Being focused on remembering necessary information for later use in the game makes your mind sharper. It is a skill that can be useful in real life even after you make it out of the riddle room.
  • Enhance your communication and social skills as you interact with the members of your group. In a social media-driven world, which ironically makes people shy away from personal interaction, spending time in our Houston game room urges you to talk and discuss solutions to overcome a challenge as a team.
  • Enjoy increased happiness and satisfaction when you complete a challenge at our Houston game room. Step out to freedom from the riddle room knowing that you have unlocked a new achievement. You have learned to think outside the box and created unique memories with your teammates.

View Photos and Book Our Houston Game Room Today

Reward yourself and the significant people in your life with an unforgettable bonding experience when you book a fun activity at our Houston game room. We offer our exciting games at reasonable prices to accommodate families and groups of all sizes. Our private party sessions cost $250 and can host up to 12 individuals per game. You can book a room for your special event with a one-hour minimum. We also have an a la carte pricing option that charges $25 per participant for an hour-long escape. Buy 3 individual tickets for a group of 8 or 12 to get a free ticket. Looking for escape rooms in the city of Houston, search no further than the Riddle Room in Houston.

Create priceless bonding moments that will stay with you in the years to come. View some of our photos, and contact us online or by phone for pricing, availability, and reservations at our Houston game room.

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