Houston Riddle Room

Houston Riddle RoomGrab the chance to be a real-life detective, and make your way out of our mysterious Houston riddle room. Race against the clock while solving challenges and looking for the next clues. Read an introduction to escape rooms from NPR: http://www.npr.org/2015/10/20/450239655/escape-rooms-challenge-players-to-solve-puzzles-to-get-out. Escape rooms have gained popularity over the years, and The Riddle Room brings this exciting challenge to a location near you. You can fulfill your dream of having an adventure without going far away or simply enjoy a fun time with family, friends, and colleagues when you book our Houston riddle room.

Prepare Yourself For An Exciting Challenge

Our Houston riddle room is an interactive, mystery, and adventure-based game that is sure to get you hooked in no time. Find clues, connect dots, and solve riddles to escape the room within 60 minutes. You are in for an hour of thrilling experience as the mystery intensifies with each passing second. The fate of your mission remains unknown until the final moments of your victory or defeat inside our Houston riddle room.

As unpredictable as the game may seem, there are still sure techniques to help you plan your escape from the Houston riddle room. This adventure requires team effort, so effective communication is important among the members of the group, especially when tensions run high. You can also be the quiet observer in the corner who takes in everything and finds alternate solutions to the current puzzle. Before entering the Houston riddle room, read some tips to prepare you for your most exciting adventure yet.

  • Scan the entire room for clues. You are free to turn the room inside out as long as you do not break anything. Search for clues inside drawers or under tables and other pieces of furniture. Some room décor that looks uninteresting may be the key to solving your next clue and making it out of the Houston riddle room.
  • Delegate and multitask. Save time and effort by assigning each member of your party to a particular puzzle in our Houston riddle room. You can also exchange tasks with your teammate when you feel stuck at a particular clue. Sometimes, you may run out of solutions when you are absorbed in one puzzle. Get a new perspective by taking a step back, and let others give a new insight.
  • Listen and pay attention to your teammates. While you are focused on your assigned puzzle, remember to be aware of what your group members are up to. Don’t hesitate to ask for an opinion when you feel like you have reached a dead end with the clue at hand. Two heads are still better than one. Ask for input from everyone so that you can escape our Houston riddle room. Even the quiet ones may have answers you never thought of. Encourage them to speak up while also acknowledging the opinion of the more assertive members.
  • Practice different ways of thinking. Think simply, but also think outside the box. Sometimes, the answer to a puzzle is the simplest solution—you don’t need to overthink or complicate things. However, it also helps to think creatively to gain a new perspective. Strike a balance between both strategies, and you will be on your way to freedom from the Houston riddle room.

Choose Your Houston Riddle Room Challenge

Get your fill of adventure at The Riddle Room! Lose yourself in an exhilarating story by booking the kind of room you and your fellow thrill-seekers will enjoy. We currently have two Houston riddle rooms with unique stories and challenges that await you.

  • Help your eccentric uncle. He is on a mysterious expedition, and his archenemy is trying to steal his treasure. Go to Uncle Ebenezer’s Cabin, and find what you need within an hour before his nemesis does. Be warned that this is not an easy task because your uncle is a bit quirky and secretive with his possessions.
  • The security of our country is at stake, and its future depends on you. Save us from a double agent who was last seen in Room 22 of the Back Door Motel. Be careful of the booby traps as you find the elusive clues within an hour. Trace the agent’s current location to prevent the agent from getting their hands on our secret files.

Our Houston Riddle Room Is for Everyone!

Whether you are looking to spend a unique kind of entertainment with your friends or planning a company team building with your colleagues, our Houston riddle room is the perfect venue for you. We can also help you put a different spin on your regular birthday parties and special events.

  • Engage your coworkers in an immersive team building activity in our Houston riddle room. You can consider this as an icebreaker to welcome new employees or celebrate great milestones with your new leaders. Build your team’s camaraderie and strengthen your bond in an attempt to solve puzzles and find clues together. Get to know your colleagues through the challenges in our Houston riddle room. While working your way out of the escape rooms, you can see the natural leaders and problem-solvers in your group. Bring out the best in everyone as you work together toward the same goal. Our Houston riddle room has a control room where the managers and human resources team can observe the employees’ interaction outside the corporate setup.
  • Escape boring weekends and discover an alternative to your usual outing when you accept the exciting challenges in our Houston riddle room. Encourage the entire family to participate and bring friends with you to make the activity even more interactive. We have two family-friendly storylines that you can work on together. Solve riddles, scrambled words, and number puzzles while you bond with the rest of the family. This is not your typical game night!
  • Have a night to remember when you spend it in a Houston riddle room. Celebrate your birthday or other special events by conquering the challenges of our escape room. Our venue is among the few locations in Houston that can comfortably accommodate 12 people, as well as provide thrilling and one-of-a-kind activities. We offer fun-filled evenings for various crowds, such as church groups and friends at our Houston riddle room on a night out.
  • Whether you are new to the city or just a passing tourist, you are welcome to check out our Houston riddle room, which is quickly becoming the newest attraction in the city. Add our escape room to your list of must-visit tourist attractions when you are in town. Our innovative escape game will challenge your logic skills. Just stay calm while under the pressure of finding clues and solving riddles within 60 minutes so you can win the game. Make sure you put our Houston riddle room in your travel itinerary, and experience unparalleled fun you have not enjoyed before.

Book a Houston Riddle Room Today

Booking a Houston riddle room might be the easiest part of your adventure with us. Expect surprises and twists when you enter our escape rooms as we constantly change the location of clues and riddles. This means each experience is unique and offers you a welcome break from your daily routine. While challenges in our escape room are complicated, booking a room is easy and affordable.

Our rates are reasonable to make our Houston riddle room accessible to groups and families of all sizes. You can book a room for your private party. Private party sessions are $250 and accommodate up to 12 individuals per game. You can also consider our a la carte pricing options. Each hour-long escape game costs $25 per participant. Groups of 8 or 12 can get a free ticket for buying three individual tickets.

Choose our Houston riddle room for an unforgettable team building activity for your company or special get-together with your family and friends. You will surely be talking about your great experience for years to come. Contact us at 713-702-0507 to learn more about the pricing, availability, and reservations at Houston riddle room.


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