How Your Family Can Get The Fastest Time Out Of A Puzzle Room

Go on a Mysterious and Thrilling Adventure

If you are looking for a new and exciting activity to enjoy with your family, go to The Riddle Room. We have a variety of real-life game room storylines in which you have to navigate through interactive challenges, letting you exercise your brain and get to know your family members even more.

Once you enter one of our puzzle rooms, you’ll find yourself solving intricate challenges that tangle up into one big puzzle. To get out fast, you must learn how to coordinate with your team, utilize your skills, and get to the bottom of the problem together. Listed below are some tips in strategizing your way out of your selected room.

Establish Your Game Plan

Before even choosing which room to play in, it’s best for you and your family to have a plan ready. One of the most recommended tactics is to split up into smaller teams. Some of your members may be good at finding clues and other hidden objects—they can be “seekers.” On the other hand, those who love problem-solving can work on deciphering puzzles and clues.

Spread out and delegate certain roles to each member rather than clumping together on one side of the room. While the “seekers” are searching through their designated area, the rest of the team can start gathering the clues and solving them one by one. This way, you’ll get more tasks done in a shorter period of time. Fuel up and find how.

Search the Room Thoroughly for Hidden Clues

Looking for clues is not as simple as it seems. A room can contain a lot of details to take in—sometimes so many that it can be difficult to determine whether they’re part of the puzzle or mere decorations.

Touch, move, and investigate everything you see. Some clues may be hidden well and others in plain sight. Don’t be afraid to turn the entire room inside out, looking over, under, and around all objects that seem suspicious. There’s a big chance you’ll find something in these areas:

  • Inside the pockets of clothes
  • Between book pages
  • Behind cabinet doors
  • On the underside of tables and chairs
  • In secret compartments under floors and behind walls

Keep Track of What You Have Found

Although examining the smallest things is important, you should not get too fixated on a single detail. Multitasking is a crucial skill to solving our mysteries, and being organized is always a handy attitude. In addition, most puzzle rooms have clues that are connected to each other.

Keep related objects together and make separate piles of used and unused items. By placing them in their respective categories, you will find it easier to see their connections and unlock the case.

Communicate With Your Team Effectively

Learning how to pay attention and communicate with your members properly is key to finding solutions to our challenges. Tell your teammates if you’ve discovered something, and do not hesitate to ask for assistance if there’s a hint you can’t decipher. Additionally, make sure that you listen to your teammates’ opinions as they might be helpful. Get info about puzzle room.

Keep Calm and Collected While Having Fun

Trust your instincts and maintain a clear mind throughout the game. You only have 60 minutes to uncover the mystery and escape from the room. Wasting even a second of that hurts your chances of winning.

Check the clock from time to time but never panic—rushing through the clues will only cause you to be clumsy and scatterbrained. Be patient but not too laidback, be positive but not overly confident, and lastly, enjoy every minute inside one of our rooms!