Katy, TX

Katy is a city that is located near Houston in the state of Texas the United States. The city of Katy is located at the Waller counties and the Fort Bend. As at the census that was carried out in the year 2010, the city had a total population of 14,102 which was higher than the one which was taken in the 2000 census that saw the population to be at 11,775 then. In the year 2015 when another census was carried out, the total population of the city was said to be 16,158.

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The city of Katy was known as the cane island in the 1800s which was the name of a creek that was running through the area, the creek which was a known branch of the Buffalo Bayou was filled with a kind of tall cane that was not a native of the Katy area. With this, the residents there presumed that the cane was planted there by either the Spanish explorers or the Karankawa Indians who were there initially with the main aim of aiding in the fur tapping that took place until the year of the 1820s. James. J. Crawford got to receive a land grant which also included the Katy area.