Popular Venues in the Houston Area

Many people love to be Houston mainly because it is a city that is full of a lot of diversity. Also, there are many different venues in which one can be able to hold special events and occasions. Some of the most common factors that many people tend to consider when they are looking for the right venue includes things like the number of guests who are going to show up, your budget, your theme and your style as well. Below are some of the popular venues in Houston that you would like to have a look at. Discover more.

The Skyline Room

This is one of the venues in Houston that was designed mainly to sort of give guests a kind of area in which they can be able to celebrate. The best thing about this venue is that it has a lot of eye catching breath taking views that are all in the background. The Skyline room has now for a while been able to set the right ambiance and a perfect venue whereby you can be able to hold corporate events or rehearsal dinners. Learn more about hosting place.

The Grove

This venue is located in the downtown section of Houston while at the same time it is surrounded by the exciting park that is also in the area. With lavishing interior design and captivating architecture, this is one of the venues that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. The venue has an outdoor deck area and a private room which is enclosed that are able to hold a number of different events. This is one of the best venues for a rehearsal dinner, a wedding or any other type of festivity or event that you may be thinking of holding.

The Haak Vineyards

Most people are wine lovers and if you fall under this category, then this would be the perfect place for you to be at. The place is most ideal for either a birthday party or a rehearsal dinner for your wedding. The enclosable pavilion and the wine cellar are able to bring out a bit or romance blended together with the Houston charm.

Bell Tower which is on the 34th

This is also a popular venue for a number of reasons. The venue has an hacienda touch architectural design and an Italian villa as well. The venue has a number of spaces in which is able to accommodate around 50 people to 1200 people. The Bell tower wine cellar is also an exciting part of the venue which kinds of gives guests an inviting and warm feeling. There is also a chapel that is located in the venue which would be the perfect place if you are planning on holding a wedding that is medium sized.

The Gremillion

This venue is popular mostly because of all the combined collection of art that are diverse and are able to give you an idea of what to do on your next event. There is a kitchen, a space for gallery, a bar, artwork of all kinds and a garden that has been beautifully sculptured.