Houston Riddle Rooms

Uncle Ebenezer’s Cabin

Uncle E. needs your help!  He is off on another mysterious expedition and is being pursued by his arch enemy who wants to steal his treasure. You must go to the remote cabin of this quirky uncle, who has always been a bit secretive and eccentric and doesn’t trust anyone. Your team only has one hour to find what you need and get out before the enemy henchmen reach the cabin!

Uncle Ebeezer's Cabin Riddle Room in Houston

The Missing Double Agent

Our Nation’s security has been jeopardized by our top agent – just confirmed as a double agent. Your team has been assigned to investigate the rogue agent’s last whereabouts, Room 22 at the Back Door Motel.   You enter and discover that it has been booby-trapped to prevent others from finding his secrets. You have just one hour to find the elusive clues that will lead to the traitors’ current location and escape the room before you meet your end.  If you fail, the spy will turn over secret files to our mortal enemies that are bent on our countries annihilation.  We are all depending on you!

The Missing Double Agent Escape Room in Houston

Phoenix Riddle Rooms

The Amber Room

When its 565 candles were lit the Amber Room was said to ‘glow a fiery gold’.
This incredible room was stolen from the Catherine Palace during WWII and has remained unaccounted for for over 70 years. Valued at over $200MM many have tried to discover the answer to the mystery of its disappearance. You have assembled a crack team of treasure hunters and all the known evidence as to the possible whereabouts of the missing Amber Room. With many competitors also seeking this jewel, your challenge is to untangle the mystery in 60 minutes and discover the location of one of the world’s most highly valued prizes.

The Amber Room

Small Town America

By the time you were in high school you couldn’t wait to get out, out of town that is. So few reasons to stay, so many good reasons to go and so many options. They could have written a song about it. Oh, wait, they did! In this 60-minute trip down memory lane you have to unravel the past to discover the best way to plot your getaway.

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