Success Stories From Effective Team Building

True Tales of Team Building Success

Many top businesses use team building activities to make their employees a workforce to be reckoned with. LinkedIn is one company that achieved success in part due to effective team building. And discover more about the puzzle room.

LinkedIn’s InDay

On one Friday every month, LinkedIn’s employees celebrate InDay. On this day, they can take a break from their daily tasks, cancel meetings, and reschedule reports in order to participate in InDay activities. The purpose of InDay is to support employees who wish to:

  • Learn new skills
  • Give back to the community
  • Inspire colleagues through innovative projects
  • Pursue their passions

Typical InDay team building activities include:

  • Volunteering at nonprofit organizations
  • Hosting workshops to share career expertise with colleagues
  • Taking part in ping-pong tournaments
  • Competing in cooking challenges inspired by “Top Chef”

On InDay, LinkedIn employees learn to connect and collaborate with the rest of their teams, helping maintain LinkedIn’s culture of transformation. InDay began in 2010 when LinkedIn had less than a thousand employees. Today, LinkedIn employs more than 8,000 people and has offices in more than 30 cities.

The upper management’s focus on employee satisfaction and skills enhancement, as evident in the InDay tradition, has helped LinkedIn attract top talent and cement its reputation as one of the most sought-after places to work in.

General Electric’s Leadership Academy

General Electric (GE) is heavily invested in its management team. The company hones current and future leaders at the GE Management Development Institute.

The institute was previously named the John F. Welch Leadership Development Center, after Jack Welch, the CEO and chairman of GE from 1981 to 2001. Under his leadership, GE increased its market value by 4,000%. Unlike other leaders, Welch welcomed criticism and encouraged open communication. He wanted employees to be able to think for themselves.

The Crotonville, NY facility hosts seminars for thousands of managers lucky enough to have been chosen to attend. Management trainees learn about GE’s corporate values and goals, and are encouraged to give opinions and share problem-solving techniques.

Attendees at the center take part in team building activities and lectures, and they are encouraged to communicate and even pitch ideas to one another. The center’s goals include motivating employees, improving skills, and promoting collaboration.

GE continues to be a world leader in several industries, from electrical distribution to health care. The corporation is also frequently named in top publications as one of the world’s best companies for leadership.

Benefits of Team Building to Your Organization

Regardless of whether you run a small business or a large company, team building can be beneficial to you and your employees. Contrary to what the average employee might think, team building activities actually serve a purpose: to turn individual workers into a united team.

Effective team building programs help make your workers happier, more productive, and more inclined towards collaboration. They can also:

  • Boost morale
  • Build better working relationships and reduce conflict
  • Demonstrate problem-solving techniques
  • Improve your employees’ understanding of their roles
  • Teach the importance of individual and team goals

A New Way to Bring Your Employees Together

There’s more to team building than doing trust falls or tackling rope courses. Reap the benefits of team building while ensuring your workers have a fantastic time with escape room games.

The Riddle Room in Houston, TX has two game rooms and several storylines for you and your employees to choose from. Our escape room games allow your workers to discover and use their strengths.

Your employees will need to work together to uncover clues, decipher codes, and solve puzzles in order to escape from the game room within the 60-minute time limit. They’ll definitely enjoy this change of pace from the usual team building activities.

You can observe your team from our control room. Throughout the course of the game, you may discover a different side to your employees and identify those who have the potential to become leaders.

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