Engage your coworkers in a fun, immersive team building activity with our real-life escape rooms in Houston, TX!

The Riddle Room in Houston, TX wants to be your next team building solution. Consider this ice-breaker activity when integrating new employees or leadership to your team. Our escape rooms are fun, immersive environments that build camaraderie among coworkers. When working together as a team is the only way out of an escape room, you can expect your group to become stronger and closer-knit.

If you have never participated in a real life escape game, here are some expectations to have with our thrilling story challenges!

Uncle Ebeezer's Cabin Riddle Room in Houston

Backstory Introduction and Selection of Lifelines

We start by giving you the back story to our two real life escape game rooms. You will also be introduced to the different types of lifelines available to your team. Select your lifelines based on your group’s experience level and competitive spirit. Choose your room and lifeline wisely!

Realizing and Appreciating Team Members’ Strengths

Corporate team building activities allow you to see a different side of your coworkers. You may discover some are natural born leaders. Others are great at solving puzzles and riddles. There is always one person that engages everyone in the group and motivates them to win the game. Here, everyone lowers their guard, they are interacting with one another and they are all working towards the same goal – to solve the riddle in 60 minutes or fewer. Managers and HR can observe their team’s participation from The Riddle Room’s control room to monitor all interactions and get a first look at all of the employees’ strengths in a different light.

Unexpected Storyline Twists and Turns for Fast-Paced Fun

We change the location of clues and riddle types at our Houston location escape rooms. This means each experience is unique and gives you a thrilling change of pace to your normal work day. Be prepared to change directions and even switch roles in helping your team solve the riddle. Expect surprises, challenges, twists, and turns as you rush to solve your way out!

The Missing Double Agent Escape Room in Houston

Booking is so easy at our Houston escape room location! When you are considering us for as a corporate team building activity, you can book a room for your private party with a one-hour minimum. Private party sessions are $250 and accommodate up to 12 individuals per game. Here are some à la carte pricing options to also consider:

  • Each hour-long escape game is $25 per participant
  • Groups of 8 or 12 can buy three individual tickets and get one free!

Choose The Riddle Room in Houston, TX for an unforgettable team building activity! Your coworkers will be talking about this for years to come. For additional information on pricing, availability and reservations, contact us online or by phone today!