When Should I Travel To Houston?

The best time for one to visit the city of Houston is during the month of February all the way to April. Alternatively, you could also choose to visit Houston during the month of September going through to November. Houston tends to experience a lot of warm weather as a result of the Gulf of Mexico all year round. However, when it comes to fall and spring, the temperatures are pretty much pleasing and with this also comes with a lot of festivities taking place.

During this time, you may still be able to score a good deal for yourself during the summer period since most of the residents in Houston tend to turn elsewhere as the temperatures keep on going up. However, you will still have to find a way to work with the high levels of humidity and the heat as well. Another important fact about Houston is that it also tends to experience mild winters while snowfall is known to be rare. However, the temperatures in Houston tend to drop the minute the sun starts going down. Therefore, if you are planning on traveling to Houston during the months of December or even in January, it would be a good idea for you to pack with you a number of layers. Below are the best times to visit Houston in terms of various months.

Other Great Times To Visit Houston, Texas

  • The month of September going through November
  • The fall season is able to bring in a kind of calm from the high heat levels as it has been found that the temperatures tend to vary around 70 degrees to 80 degrees and there are times when it still goes down to 60 degrees. However, it is still important for you to always keep in mind that the hurricane period tends to go into fall and with this, a number of Houston areas have been hit a number of times with the serious storms. Also, since this month is the most popular times in which most people tend to visit, getting a got hotel deal may be at times difficult which is why it is always a good idea for you to book earlier on in advance.

  • December going through to January
  • The months of December going through to January have been known to be one of the coldest months in the city of Houston. The good thing is that it is very rare for temperatures to go below the freezing point. With the highs of the weather ranging in 60 degrees, it would still be a good time for you to visit Houston and get to enjoy the different sites that are on location. However, there are very few festivals taking place during this time of the year since most of the events that normally take place tend to go hand in hand with the holidays. The good thing about this is that you should be sure that you are still going to be able to find a decent and affordable loading to spend your nights in.

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